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Psion Teklogix 7535 G2

The Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2 is designed for warehouse environments and features a drop rating of 1.8 meters to polished concrete. An IP65 rating makes it impervious to dust and moisture, and it can withstand extremes of -10 to +50 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F) and just keep working. The 7535 G2 is light, well balanced and sits comfortably in any size hand. The bright 1/4 VGA display is visible even in direct sunlight. The backlit, hard-capped keypad won’t wear out, can be used in all lighting conditions and provides exceptional tactile feedback for ease of operation. The 7535 G2 is Windows-based and slots into your existing wireless infrastructure and applications hassle-free. Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure that the Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2 is never out of contact.

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