What does Android bring to the warehouse? Hint, it’s more than data security.

Mobile devices and operating systems are the foundation of many warehouses, and with the e-commerce world booming, warehouses need the most updated, efficient technology to keep up with customer demands. Over the next five years, decision-makers will upgrade their warehouse management systems or migrate altogether to different systems. As a result, more businesses are turning to Android devices for their technology needs. 83% of organizations report they are currently using or planning to use the Android operating system in the warehouse by 2024. According to past research, Android’s interface experience results in 60% lower errors rates, 39% higher typing speeds, and a 15-20% gain in productivity. Implementing Android into your warehouse improves worker efficiency, increases their ability to adapt to new workflow complexities, and stabilizes performance amid shifting demands. 

But the benefits don’t stop there…

That’s why Barcode Supply partners with Zebra Technologies to bring your business fortified mobile device solutions backed with Android’s secure operating system. Redefine warehouse management with Android devices that help your organization meet customer demands with…

  1. Simplifies ease-of-use with an intuitive user interface – Implementing Android devices into your warehouse provides your workforce with a user-friendly platform on a touchscreen device. Devices like Zebra’s mobile computers deliver the effective mobility and reliability you need in a mobile device to drive personal productivity and ensure operation.
  2. Open application ecosystem – Unlike other competing operating systems, Android can house Zebra’s Mobility DNA applications for greater device functionality and dependable WiFi connectivity. Android’s OS also accommodates new applications to provide scalability. This brings flexibility to your warehouse so your workers can effectively adapt to their various warehouse needs.
  3. Enhanced scalability – Integrating Android OS into your warehouse means you integrate future changes and needs without requiring extensive backend charges and app rewriting. Customize and build secure, scalable applications through Barcode Supply’s Android solutions. Barcode Supply’s solutions effectively analyze device data to create environments that deliver insights and real-time guidance. 
  4. Dependable data security – Integrating Android obviously means integrating better data security. You can count on reliable security parameters such as two-factor authentication, recurring security patches, and government-grade encryption to keep your data safe from cyber threats. This ensures your devices are effectively protected so your workers can continue to be productive.

Barcode Supply makes implementing technology seamless and more cost-effective with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Simply trade in your legacy devices and get up to $250 per device towards your upgraded mobile computers.

Choose Barcode Supply for Android devices that redefine warehouse productivity for your enterprise. Contact us today for a free assessment of your devices.